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Posted: February 8, 2010 in 1
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My son and daughter-in-law paid for me to come out to Virginia so that I could help with the kids while Michelle went back to Illinois to work at the business she created (FroYo Creations in Bourbonnais – a frozen yogurt and smoothie shop).

Since my next chemo treatment wasn’t scheduled until tomorrow, I said fine – I’d be back in plenty of time. Then the snow storm came and Southwest Airlines canceled my flight – not once, but twice. And each time my flight was canceled, so too was my hotel room, which I got through

Priceline warns that you get no refunds and no exchanges, but I wondered how they might respond if the reason was due to Mother Nature and not just a change in plans.

The first time I called them I was on the phone for nearly half an hour getting transferred from one place to another, but finally I was able to settle the transaction and priceline, on my behalf, switched dates for my hotel stay.

Then it happened again. Would priceline be so amenable to changing my hotel again? Yes.

Just when I thought everything was OK, I found out that on the day I was supposed to return (today), Indianapolis, where my car was waiting for me and which had just experienced its own snow storm, was expecting another snow storm tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday. Considering I was going to have two of my grandchildren with me, I didn’t want to drive through a snowstorm three hours back to Illinois, so I called priceline yet again.

This time, to my surprise, they refused to change the dates of my hotel stay, BUT they offered me a FULL REFUND due to the expected snow storm in Indiana!

So, bottom line is this: if you deal with priceline, and something happens that is completely out of your control, they WILL work with you. The ONLY downside to calling them is that after you punch in your numbers and repeat those numbers to the first person you talk to, you must do the same thing again after they transfer you to the Customer Relations Specialist who contacts the hotel for you.

Expect your experience to last at least half an hour, but also expect a group of friendly people who are willing to work for you. To reach Priceline by phone, call 1-800-657-9168.


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