The Mysterious Case of the Missing Earring

Posted: January 17, 2010 in 1

Many times throughout my life I have lost items that suddenly showed up in the most unlikely places – places where they belonged – or in places so obvious, nobody could miss them.

This occurrence happens so frequently, in fact, that I wrote an article entitled, Am I a Poltergeist or a Halloween Freak Show: God’s Favorite Little Soap Opera to prove my point.

And here I go again. The day of my last chemo treatment, which was nearly three weeks ago, I wore a new purple sweater with a matching beret, both of which were gifts given to me by my friend, Denise, when she learned I had cancer. Denise had previously given me a pair of earrings that matched exactly a necklace I already owned. I wore the matching sweater, beret, and earrings to the hospital.

After my chemo treatment, as I waited in the breezeway for my daughter to arrive, I checked both earrings, because having lost one from a pair numerous times before, I automatically check them – often – whenever I wear them.

The breezeway is only a few steps to the u-shaped driveway that sits outside the window from the bench where I sit. My walk to the truck from the breezeway is less than twenty steps away.

When I got home, as I was hanging up my coat, I noticed that one of the earrings was missing. The only logical place it could be was somewhere between the bench inside the door of the hospital to the u-shaped driveway in front of the hospital, or between the truck in front of my home to my closet.

I retraced my steps and searched everywhere. I even called the lost and found at the hospital. It wasn’t there.

The following morning I heard my daughter vacuuming, so I emptied the contents of the vacuum and sifted through the debris in search of my earring. Not there.

I went about my days, writing, researching, reading, and sleeping and often throughout the day, I looked in the pantry for something to eat. With my daughter and her family living with me, every one of us visits that pantry several times a day. For the past eighteen days since my last chemo treatment (and every day prior to treatment), I, my daughter, my son-in-law, and even my grandchildren wander into the pantry in search of food. We also keep some of the kids’ games in there.

I find it highly unlikely that we wouldn’t have noticed something as obvious as an earring sitting on the floor of the pantry every day for nearly three weeks. But what else can I think? Yesterday, as I walked into the pantry, I saw the earring sitting in the middle of the floor, out in the open, impossible to miss.

So, again, I have to ask, am I the victim of poltergeist activity, or am I somehow sabotaging myself? Believe me, I’m an expert at sabotaging myself. Read 15 Ways to Sabotage Yourself on a Daily Basis to find out how.

But even if I’m sabotaging myself, I still can’t explain why nobody else saw the missing earring over the past 18 days or how it got into the pantry. Does anybody have an explanation?

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  2. Rhea says:

    Sounds like the story of my life! To a T!
    Good read.

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