Those Sabotaging Sisters

Posted: December 2, 2009 in 1
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I want you to picture for a moment three sisters, all in their 20’s, going out for a night of fun. All three of them are around 2 years apart in age. All are attractive enough to capture the attention of the guys who see them come in together and they look good enough to make even female heads turn.

Now I want you to picture them before they enter the cocktail lounge. They had previously showered, put on their makeup, fixed their hair, picked out their favorite outfits, and looked, if I must be honest, pretty hot.

One of them, however, looked really hot. Hot pink to be exact.

Let me explain.

When the oldest sister picked up her younger siblings, she turned around to talk to them before they took off – in her car – to the bar of their choice. They discussed where they would go, how long they would stay, where else they might go, and what time they all wanted to be home.

Loving sisters that they were, they vowed to never leave any one place without everybody in tow. As they spoke they made direct eye contact with each other, making sure they were genuinely interested in what the others had to say.

For reasons that will soon become apparent, you must know that all of the sisters had dark hair. The oldest sister’s hair, though, was very dark, nearly black.

They exited the car together, walked up to the front door together, made their grand entrances together, paid their entry fee together, and walked through the establishment together. They glanced here, glanced there, and checked out the guys and their competition before grabbing a seat.

After they sat down to order their drinks, where they engaged in even more conversation, they decided to go to the washroom together.

That’s when the fight began.

You see, when the oldest sister looked into the mirror, after having just paraded herself throughout the nightclub, she saw in her pitch black bangs three hot pink sponge curlers that somehow her sisters had failed to notice during any of their numerous conversations.

“I can’t believe you’d let me walk around with hot pink sponge rollers in my hair!”

“We never noticed them,” they lied.

“How could you NOT notice hot pink rollers against a backdrop of dark black hair? How could you not notice when you’ve been looking directly at me the whole time?”

“Well to be honest, we never actually look AT you. We kind of look through you, so yes, we never noticed your STUPID HOT PINK SPONGE ROLLERS!”

So I knocked them both out, tied their hair in knots, attached them to each other with hot pink sponge rollers, and left them there on the bathroom floor. I then abandoned them and drove MY car home ignoring our STUPID VOW!

Well, that was the fantasy anyway. As always, I forgave them and we laughed, but, as that event occurred over two decades ago, I never forgot it either…

…although I might have if one of my sisters hadn’t told me just recently to blog about it. So here it is, Cindy, a memory about one HOT sister get-together.

Yes, we still love each other.

If you want to see what we looked like in our 40’s (when my sister Cindy dyed her hair light auburn and my hair was dyed dark auburn – instead of black), look at the photo in this article, Super Sister Sleepover. Kathy’s hair, always natural, is still the same color as it was in the photo.

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