How My Most Embarrassing Moment Won Me a Prize

Posted: November 21, 2009 in 1

Many years ago, a local radio station ran a contest asking people to talk about their most embarrassing moments. While I experience embarrassing moments on an almost daily basis, one stood out from the rest and I called the radio station to tell them about it. I won dinner for two at an amazing restaurant because of this, my most embarrassing moment:

My sister, Cindy, and I decided to take a trip to Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana. The day was HOT. I don’t mean the kind of hot that people talk about as in, “I couldn’t breathe, it was so hot.” I mean the kind of heat that was so stifling, that as we drove in my no-air-conditioner car, we became so delusional, we actually got out of the car when we saw a sign that said, “Watch for ice on bridge.”

My sister was wearing a tube top and I mentioned on numerous occasions throughout our trip how I wished I had one. “I brought several,” she said. And she offered me one. I would have stripped in the car right there if I hadn’t been so modest. But I waited until we got to our room, a cozy little cottage hundreds of miles (it was supposed to be ON the lake) FROM the lake.

Wearing our tube tops, we found our way through miles of back roads and finally reached our destination. At last! The lake! Immediately upon arriving, we met two guys, who accompanied us on all the rides.

One of the rides, as it went around in circles, also bounced up and down as it spun us out of control. My sister and I, without thinking, sat on the outer edge of the ride, which turned out to be a colossal mistake as we collapsed against the weight of our newly found partners, but also a blessing. As the ride accelerated, the guys ended up in front of us with their right shoulders covering our left shoulders.

The breeze felt great in my hair and I was enjoying the ride (I got the cute guy). But after about 20 minutes, I started hating the ride. It went on ENDLESSLY. It went on so ENDLESSLY that I and other passengers aboard this round and round, up and down bounce ride started saying things like: enough already – I’m getting bored – stop PLEASE – is this EVER going to end?

My sister, who sat next to (we’ll call him) Bob, turned around with that look that said, “What the…?” And then she burst into fits of laughter. She turned around again and did the same thing. And again. And again. Finally (we’ll call him ) Joe, my guy, said, “What’s wrong with your sister?” And I answered quite honestly that I thought she was suffering from heat stroke.

About 30 minutes into the ride, after Cindy had turned around for the fifth time, Bob also turned around, at which time Cindy grabbed his head and forced it to face front. She then turned around and pointed to my top, which bounced all the way down to tube my belly button.

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