Cancer, Me, and Chemotherapy

Posted: November 1, 2009 in 1

These past couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity – breast exams, blood work, chemotherapy treatments, doctor visits, x-rays, scans, biopsies – none of which my body is tolerating well. My energy level is so low lately, it doesn’t even register on any known scale.

I have been writing whenever I can, mostly for Associated Content and for Xomba. But I also found time to write a blog about my most recent “new look” as a result of my cancer and chemotherapy. If only I had the energy to write more, I could use this time productively. But chemo has completely zapped my energy. I’ll probably have to lie down after I type this blog.

I am getting angry at the cancer, but I also want to USE it to my advantage. Cancer may have taken my hair, it may have taken my energy, and it may have taken my health, but I will not allow it to take anything else from me. I will use this time to do what it is I have always wanted to do with my life (write for a living) and I will not allow the cancer to sabotage my success in attaining my goal even if it means writing lying down in my bed.

My Bravest Blog Yet shows a photo of me before and after my second chemo treatment. You will be in for a shock. I went from having long thick hair to having nothing – in a matter of weeks.

Why do I consider the blog to be brave?

Because while I would never go out in public looking the way I do, I was able to post the photos in a blog. I may not have the courage to face multitudes of people in public with my bald head, but I can face them in a blog where they can’t look at me directly.

Friends and family are giving me lots of positive comments, lots of encouragement, lots of support, and lots of love. I have an amazing group of friends and a beautiful support system in my family. I am not concerned about winning this battle. I WILL WIN! Cancer may beat me up physically, but I have the stamina to fight it emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

If YOU have the courage to look cancer in the eyes, I invite you to look into mine at My Bravest Blog Yet.


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