OUTRAGEOUS – Breast Cancer Patient With Income of $24,950 a Year Gets Slammed with a $668.35 Bill Above the $85 She Already Paid To The State Of Illinois

Posted: October 11, 2009 in 1
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I recently signed up with the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP) because of a lump I discovered a few weeks ago. Diagnosis: Breast Cancer (you can read about my diagnosis and my feelings about my diagnosis HERE).

My income last year from child care was $24,950. This year it has dropped signifcantly because children either left to attend school or parents decided to stay home to watch their children amidst the economic crisis that forced them to ask the question: Why get somebody else to watch your kid when you can quit your job, get rid of your car payment, car insurance, and gas (by getting rid of your car) and provide daycare yourself?

I now bring in close to $600 a month – that is not a typo. Last year, however, after spending thousands of dollars in child care equipment and supplies to begin my day care, I was left with an income of just under $25,000. My housing expenses alone came to $26,400 last year. And then I got a bombshell – a bill from the State of Illinois asking me to pay an additional nearly $700 above the $85 I already gave them from my measly paycheck of less than $25,000 last year.

Are they serious? So now I’m losing even more money by not being well enough to take care of the only paying child I have, because I’m too tired from the chemo to stay awake long enough to watch him. And the State of Illinois, who provided the very service that allowed me to get tested for cancer FREE of charge BECAUSE of my low income, is now expecting me to pay money I don’t have and won’t have until I get over this stage of my life. I repeat – are they serious? While megamillionaires manage to hide millions of dollars and get away with all kinds of loopholes to hide their assets, one lowly cancer-ridden, living-below-the-poverty-level woman who is about to lose her hair and possibly her breast, is being forced to find money…where…in my manufactured home?

So what can I do? Give them my hair when it falls out, or maybe my breast? Would that be enough payment? Maybe the State of Illinois would prefer my life, but would they think it’s worth $668.35?


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