Where To Retire

Posted: September 10, 2009 in 1

Some people quit their jobs and never “work” again. Others can’t imagine NOT working. I am one of those kinds of people.

But the type of work I’m talking about is the kind that allows me to work at something I enjoy, something that doesn’t feel like work: writing.

But what happens when I hit retirement age? Where do I retire? As my children get older and my grandchildren move around, finding a place to retire means finding something somewhere in the middle, or at least somewhere easily accessible.

In my search for “Paradise” where I can write until I die, I sometimes come across beautiful places that stop me dead in my tracks. I just found one of those places. The first page of the web site for Grayhawk Real Estate looks like an adobe castle. And I just looked in amazement at the sheer beauty of the castle-type abode with the mountains looming in the background.

While I’ve never been a lover of especially HOT climates, I have discovered little old ladies wearing sweaters in the middle of summer in Chicago, so I might have to rethink my plans on where I will retire. My sister is already planning on moving to Florida, which puts our family all over the map.

And speaking of maps, they offer an amazing 3D map that zooms you directly into various neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods is called Paradise Valley. It must be a sign. One of my prerequisites for retirement is to be near water and the photo for that area looks refreshing and beautiful.

I have only one problem. I’m going to have to make a lot of money in the next several years in order to afford to live there. You never know. I might make lots of money with my writing over the next several years.

How lovely it would be to sit in my back yard with a large built-in pool looking out across my yard at the mountains in the background, holding my new laptop while writing and blogging about how great it feels to be retired.


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