Know anybody born July 21?

Posted: June 30, 2009 in 1
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(links have been updated as of July 2015)

I have identified July 21st as being one of the craziest days in the zodiac. Aside from the fact that Jon Lovits, Don Knotts, and Robin Williams were all born on that date, it stands to reason that it should be honored with some status. Why not crazy?

Yes it was on that day in 1969 when Neil Armstrong first stepped upon the moon, but again, moon = lunar = lunatic. Is it such a far stretch to go from stepping on the moon to being a lunatic?

Just recently, during the month of June, I experienced a series of stressful days, the culmination of which resulted in my writing this article, Children in Distress, Depressed and Anxious, in which I discussed seven of the children who had been in my daycare over a period of 45 years. Most of those seven children had serious psychological and/or emotional problems. The last two mentioned were in my care for most of June and contributed to my state of being in extreme stress.

As a result of that stress, I needed to de-stress and wrote July 21 – National Crazy Day as a way to release from myself the pent-up frustrations of being unable to help the children who so desperately needed some help but who were so completely out of control, they threatened to obliterate all peace from my home and destroy the behavior of the kids already in my care.

As you probably already know, July 21, 2009, marks the total eclipse of the sun. I’ve also included a “not literal” version of Bonnie Tyler’s song, “Turn Around” which I have called, “Total Eclipse of The Mind” for people born on crazy July 21st (and for their friends and family).

If ANY of this is making sense to you, be forewarned, you may be partially crazy yourself. If you know of anybody born on July 21, or if you are just curious as to why I would choose that particular date for craziness, please read the article and comment.

If you choose not to read the article, please at least answer this question: When exactly was Robin Williams born? Some sources list him in 1951; others list him in 1952. Inquiring mind wants to know. He may be my twin. UPDATE – After Robin Williams Died, we all discovered that he was born on exactly my birthdate – July 21, 1951. (Related reading: What Even Robin Williams Probably Didn’t Understand About Depression)

  1. jahan says:

    even i am 21st july…..
    is anybody here born on 21ST JULY 1996 around 2:26 PM (INDIAN TIME)…..
    plzzz if u noe somebody ….please tell me… 🙂

  2. Crystal Stover says:

    That explains a lot! Very interesting would love to read the book about it! I was born 7 21 1983 and have had a rather CRAZY life, having my daughter has calmed me down a lot!

  3. Mandavi says:

    m also born on july 21st… me too a moon child nd crazyyyy!!!

  4. Theresa says:

    I love reading all your comments because I was born on July 21st and no one ever seems to understand me. I’m so crazy that one of my biggest fears is actually being crazy. But most of the time I really love myself because I think I’m so funny and I entertain myself lol

  5. sebastian says:

    I am also not crazy but i do imagine that we see the world as a child does, innocently, some times that kinda optimism can seem crazy, robin Williams would not be a world renown actor if he was crazy. the dude studied political science in university, we are just very creative and imaginative with a flair of clairvoyance in our mannerism.

  6. NorthernChris says:


  7. Jivvy says:

    I was born on 21/07/1980. The world needs creative Looney-bins like us to keep them on their toes. I can be quite stern, together and very focused!!! But WAIT, then the bipolar side kicks in, and it’s a cross between Bugs Bunny and Road Runner!! Beep Beep! That’s all folks!!

  8. Milind says:

    yeah…i m born on 21st july 1966…i m lot crazy than i imagine myself to be…but i m fun too……love to meet more people of 21st july..

  9. Milind says:

    yeah…i m born on 21st july 1966…i m lot crazy than i imagine myself to be…but i m fun too……love to meet more people of 21st july..

  10. Ali says:

    Born 21st July 1980. National crazy day? Interesting… 🙂

  11. alice murphy says:

    My sister and I were both born on July 21! (She is eight years older) My theory is that the kids were all out of the house trick-or-treating nine months earlier (Oct 21- ha ha)

    No I don’t think I am crazy. I am an attorney, maybe that’s crazy these days. Robin Williams used to live about a block from me in Sea Cliff (San Francisco). Right after I moved in I took a walk one day and I saw him LYING ON HIS BACK on a park bench right outside of his home.

    More later


  12. Rudi says:

    Theresa you are crazy!!! – Like me! Pardon the pun… Im also an 07/21 baby. and by the way Robin was born in 1951½

  13. Manny says:

    Hey my birthday is 21 July 1969…and it’s true I am a little crazy my self. If you asked my hubby 😀 extremely funny’s nice to meet you

  14. srinath says:

    yes i too funny and crazy……..

  15. aanchal says:

    Hey guys m also a 21st july born…yeah i do feel me a bit crazy..n funlvng..n wid gud sense of humour..

  16. siddhartha ivaturi says:

    And I though i was alone! Happy crazy day.

  17. laura says:

    hi was born july 21 and i just want to know more

  18. JALEESA says:

    LOL JULY 21st Is my bday..I always thought that there was something strange about it,because i have only met two ppl who shared my birthday, and we are all quite your logic is quite understanable.

  19. Angela says:

    I was born July 21st and do not think I am crazy, just fun loving, creative, love to draw and am my most creative in the month of march, I can get pretty silly with the people who I feel comfortable around, but I do not count that as crazy I don’t know that Robin Williams is crazy just overly talented with a whole lot of energy. I can relate to that as I am 45 and can run circles around people much younger. So call me crazy if you want to I think we just think so fast the rest of the world can’t keep up with us, therefore we must be crazy right???

  20. Michael says:

    Liked your arlicle I was born on July 21 1970 diagnosed bipolar with an IQ of 169. Does this fit you critiria?

  21. Christianah says:

    Hi, i’ve always wanted to know more about myself, though i am not crazy but i know my name meant i was linked with Christ and it was his day of incarnation. i love adventures, people say i’m motherly. I love writing stories, composing songs and making my own designs for wears. And nobody understands me, gosh. Though i noticed people love it when i’m around. A life without christ is incomplete.

  22. gary de andrade says:

    hi im gary Gaz for short, born 21 july 1980. Im portuguess living in South Africa, we just had the world cup Ayoba…

  23. mano says:

    Hi my daughter was born on 21st july 2009 at 6:49 p.m. Indian time (chennai). Her name is Aditi. She is very naughty and very active.

  24. Mac Stevenson says:

    I was also born on the 21st of July and all my friends think im mad lol

  25. Suparsha says:

    I was born on July 21 1987.
    i think i m crazy too………
    i aint afraid to try adventurous things…….

    • Ejimofor Uchechi says:

      Wonderful. Was born on d 21st of july, 1987. Not too crazy but too concerned abt evrtin! Who fits dis category?

  26. willis says:

    i love people born on this day
    especially 1960

  27. Saee says:

    I was born on 21st July 1983. 🙂
    I think I am a little bit crazy too. 😀

  28. LnddMiles says:

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  29. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  30. macromedia says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

    • shaby says:

      ya even i am a july 21 born ……n i guss its the cusp of two signs i.e cancer+leo=canceo! so sometimes evn i feel like some of my qualities are of cancerian n in the next moment fiery like leo ……:)

  31. Lauren says:

    july 21st is my birthday. I want to know more bout this theory of yours.

    • theresawiza says:

      Lauren, you are now officially one of my birthday buddies. The article was a light-hearted comment about people born on this day. Astrologically, we fall near the cusp between Cancer and Leo. Numerologically, 3 (2+1) is a creative number. My theory is that people born on the 21st of July are creative and moody (sometimes bordering on crazy as exemplified by Robin Williams – in a fun kind of way). Does that fit you?

      • Morgan Mellick says:

        I’m the most creative, moody, adventurous, sensitive, fun and yet somehow outgoing person i know. i feel like nobody gets me, not even myself sometimes. i’m like two different people. i dont trust anyone either. but people always love me.
        Hello my day of birth is July 21 1989 and i’m also a little crazy.

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