Do you have a talent you want others to know about?

Posted: June 20, 2009 in 1

From my Associated Content article:

While the unemployment rate is high at 8.9% for the entire United States, the number of unemployed workers sounds staggering – 8.8 million (Bureau of Labor Statistics, April, 2009).

I am one of those workers. And it happened to me the same way it happened to millions of other people. One day I walked into work, got called into the office, and was told, “As of today, we no longer need your services.” They paid me for the rest of the week, added an additional week, which they called severance pay, and said, “Sorry.”

Like many people who find themselves suddenly unemployed, I wasn’t surprised. People around me were vacating the building so quickly, I felt as if I were on some kind of carnival ride where everybody kept getting thrown off and only a handful of people were left to carry the burden of two and sometimes three or four additional jobs.

The whole article isn’t as self-serving as the above paragraphs make it sound. Bottom line: I would like to help you showcase your talent. If you’re interested in learning more, I invite you to read

Have a Talent You Want Others to Know About?

Economic Desperation Calls for Desperate Measures


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