Vehicles Keeping it Green with Creative People

Posted: June 3, 2009 in 1

No matter what form creativity takes, I enjoy meeting innovative people, even if only online. One man I would love to meet in person is French inventor, Guy Negre, the man responsible for introducing Zero Promotion Motors to North America. His revolutionary compressed-air vehicle is powered by the Compressed Air Engine (CAE) using Compressed Air Technology (CAT). The car emits zero to low CO2, costs very little in comparison to other economy cars, runs over 90 miles per hour (who needs more?) and gets over 100 (gas-equivalent) miles per gallon.

Imagine a car that runs on AIR! I can say no more than what is already on THIS WEB SITE!  You can watch videos about the automobile by clicking the “Watch Air Vehicle Videos” button in the green box in the upper left hand corner, and you can reserve your car in mid-2009 (isn’t that NOW??) for delivery in 2010.

What could be more green than a car that runs on air? I’m just praying my current car lasts long enough for me to order this one.

(photo is borrowed from

Guy Negre

Guy Negre


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