BANNED from Blogging

Posted: May 25, 2009 in 1

I blog. I write. I believe in the 1st amendment.

My friends and family members don’t. I often hear, after somebody has done something particularly funny or embarrassing, “DON’T blog about that!” or “DO NOT put that in your blog.” or “I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t write about that.”

Apparently they can tell by the look in my eyes or the tone in my voice that what has just been said or done is bloggable – yes, I just made up a word, and I like it – bloggable!

The problem is I can’t just ignore the humiliating or interesting experiences (though I have in the past and it bothers me greatly) – I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT IT before it explodes out of me in some other form, like a wicked virus that nobody can cure.

I’m creative. I can figure this out – in order to protect my rights and to protect family and friends from humiliation, I must create mystical unrecognizable characters with names like Zeph or Bloog, Babaga or Pipa. That way nobody will ever know that I am writing about somebody I know. 

To see how I pulled this off, click the link on THIS BLOG.


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