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Posted: May 23, 2009 in 1

As a writer, I long for readers (don’t we all), so when help to obtain readers appears in an email, I sometimes don’t recognize it for its worth.

Case in point: when a FamilyZip email first appeared in my inbox, I almost ignored it. That was last October. By the time I got around to reading it (I still have close to 1300 unread emails in my inbox), it was May, 2009. Hey! I’m busy, OK?

After I investigated FamilyZip, I decided to give FamilyZip a try with one of my articles, one that was obviously family related and one that included a tip. I chose How to Prevent Summer Boredom for Preschoolers.

In less than two weeks, the number of people who read that one article so far outnumbered any of the other articles I had written, I could attribute its success to one thing – FamilyZip.

Naturally, How to Prevent Summer Boredom for Preschoolers is a very well-written article about a subject that concerns many parents (I read somewhere that writers HAVE to promote their own work in order to succeed in this pen-jab-in-the-neck environment), but the point is that FamilyZip helped build my readership by leaps and bounds. You can bet I’m going to be posting more with them.

So if you’re a writer with a tip for families, post it on FamilyZip – even readers who comes across excellent tips for families can post their tips on FamilyZip. So POST YOUR TIP ON FAMILYZIP!

I sound like a commercial, don’t I?

The FamilyZip web site

The FamilyZip web site


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