Prison Break My Heart

Posted: May 18, 2009 in 1

SPOILER: If you are a Prison Break fan and you haven’t seen the last episode, DO NOT READ THIS POST!

And now on to my complaint. This show was one of the best written television shows ever with plot twists I couldn’t even imagine, and I have a great imagination. Every time one of the prisoners got into situations that seemed nearly impossible to escape, those writers created a world of possibilities. 

And therein lies my disappointment.

BUT here’s what I think could have happened – SOMETHING caused Michael Scofield to fake his death. Being a man of honor, he HAD to protect his family by leaving them behind. He also found help for his medical condition that saved his life. SO MANY options, guys!

Did the writers of Prison Break run out of ideas? The show was hardly on as it was. Weeks and weeks and weeks went by with no Prison Break. Thousands of disappointed fans FINALLY tuned in to view whatever episodes they could watch, recording each episode so they wouldn’t miss a minute of their favorite show. 

And now – he’s dead? That’s it? It’s like sitting in front of a table filled with all your favorite foods, and just when you taste the flavor of each delectable experience, WHAM! the waiters take it all away from you.

Did they feel they had to leave it just because the prisoners broke out of prison? Call it something else then, like After Prison Break so loyal fans will tune it. 

Well, I, for one, am sadly disappointed.

Photo is a screen shot of the Prison Break web site.

From Prison Break Web Site

From Prison Break Web Site


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