Shameless Promotion

Posted: May 6, 2009 in 1
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Quick post here. Numerous members of my family spent the past several days with me, so my blogging nearly came to a complete halt – I did manage, in between breaths, to post on my other blogs My Heart Blogs to You, Writer of Blogs, and Help for Single Parents

What I have also been doing in between breaths (I know, it sounds kind of like I’ve been giving birth), is looking for opportunities to promote my blogs, signing up for a variety of places like The blog frog, technorati, family zip, and blogupp.

Every blog promotion site expects a description of each blog. My Family Zip description for this blog reads: Writing is a tough business to break into. And when mountains of obstacles take forever to move or when pieces of those mountains chip away at a relentlessly slow pace, true writers never give up. Breaks do appear. I will write until those mountains crumble away or until they become a headstone with these words etched into its surface, “She finally gave up.”

And that won’t be easy. I’m getting cremated.

If you want to hire a blogger, read my blogs and contact me. I also write articles, which are located HERE.

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