Studying html in the midst of chaos

Posted: April 24, 2009 in 1


My morning studies.

My morning studies.

In between changing diapers, making breakfasts, preparing snacks, making lunches, entertaining children, educating children, taking children for walks, and playing with children, I get interrupted. A lot! And do you know who the biggest culprit is? Me. Oh, the counter needs cleaning. The carpet needs vacuuming. I have to set the html book aside because the article I’m writing needs revision. And now the article has to be set aside because I have an idea I want to explore for a blog I want to write. Now I need to put the blog aside, because I have to research another article idea. Oh, look at the baby. He needs his nose wiped. What is that smell?

So while I write, I get interrupted, and while I read, I get interrupted, and while I study I get interrupted – usually by me.

But trying to study html, which is not only another language, but a series of symbols that string together in unrememberable ways (yes, in frustration, I have now coined the term unrememberable because the process of trying to remember these unrelated letters is like deliberately reading a book with all the letters of every word shuffled around).

I know, you’re going to tell me that if the first letter and the last letter match the first and last letters of the actual word, I can still read it (I’ve read that email too), and I will have no problem. And maybe html is more difficult to write than it is to read. It’s not. All of the codes in the book look like they were written in a 3 pt. font size. But I will continue to study and I WILL learn!

Oh no, I feel another interruption coming up. I forgot to remind you about what is happening this weekend. Don’t forget. It’s National Dream Weekend. Read more about it HERE

OK, back to studying. Oops, can’t, the baby has arrived.

  1. Roberta says:

    Well Lady, might I interrupt you again to say Hi! Theresa. Love your way ~ R 🙂

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