Am I Invisible?

Posted: March 26, 2009 in 1

I am doing EVERYTHING I can think of to get noticed. I write for Associated Content. I write blogs for fun. I sit in cyberspace watching stars dance with happiness at the attention they’re getting. I see comets race for awards.

The world is dark where I sit. When the sun comes out, it shines only on them.

After all this time, I’ve decided I must be invisible, because no matter how much I write, nobody notices me.

I think; therefore I am. So here I am, thinking, thinking that I am. I am right, aren’t I? I exist, don’t I? I write. Do you notice?

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  2. DJ says:

    I’m catching up on blog reading. I see you’ve been busy!

  3. Cathy A Montville says:

    I notice sweetie! You do indeed exist! See…I am here to check out your blog! I will also check out your other stuff! 🙂

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